Diving for California spiny lobster

There’s a million reasons to love Encinitas and San Diego. Probably one of the biggest reasons is the ocean.

Many people don’t know that our own ocean is home to California spiny lobster.

Our own RDA, Rachelle, recently got her California Spiny Lobster license, so I put her in contact with our web site and marketing guru, Brian – who has been diving for lobster for many years. They went diving the next day!

Porcelain crown materials: Monolithic vs. fused to metal

When a porcelain crown is deemed necessary, we use monolithic materials. This means the crown is made from a single piece. Many older crowns are composed of porcelain fused to a metal base, and can fail and break easier.

This patient had deep root decay – down to the bone. What’s great is that we were able to push the tissue back and design a crown so that the tissue can grow back – up against the porcelain!

Wesley, the puppy with braces.

Puppy with braces

I read about Wesley, the puppy with braces, and I wanted to share because it’s just too cute.

Poor Wesley had a problem – his mouth wouldn’t close completely. He couldn’t get a grip on toys and he was losing weight.

A shout out to Lani

I wanted to make this week’s post a shout out to our amazing office manager, Lani.

Lani is so thorough and kind to our patients, and goes out of her way (even after hours) to resolve any questions a patient may have, or to help a prospective patient and get them scheduled.

Moonlight Beach Dental reviews

Moonlight Beach Dental reviews

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the awesome Moonlight Beach Dental reviews they’ve been writing online.

There is nothing is more gratifying to me in my work life than to see my patients happy, and great reviews make me so happy and are always a wonderful surprise.