Porcelain crown materials: Monolithic vs. fused to metal

When a porcelain crown is deemed necessary, we use monolithic materials. This means the crown is made from a single piece. Many older crowns are composed of porcelain fused to a metal base, and can fail and break easier.

This patient had deep root decay – down to the bone. What’s great is that we were able to push the tissue back and design a crown so that the tissue can grow back – up against the porcelain!

Pictured: Our CEREC machine. This machine alone costs nearly $200,000, and we are one of the only dentists in Encinitas with one.

Allergic to temporary crowns? Eliminate that middle man.

Recently I attended a meeting for the Holistic Dental Association. Several of the doctors were talking about possible solutions for patients who are sensitive to methyl methacrylate, plastic and acrylic materials. They were all brainstorming about how to treat these cases, with no bio-compatible materials for making dental temporaries/ provisional crowns. One of the doctors was even severely allergic herself, and could not be near the materials in her office.

I was astounded. I never have this problem, because I have a CEREC machine, which can mill a tooth from bio-compatible material in a single visit. There simply are no plastic or acrylic materials.

1 day dental work

Same-day dental work saves you time and money

At our Encinitas practice, you can get most things done in a single visit, whereas in many (if not most) dental offices this takes 2-3 visits and many hours of your time.

The picture below shows 3 crowns. See if you can spot the differences.

2 of them we made in a single visit, and they look and feel like completely natural teeth.

The other was made by another dentist. This crown took at least 2 visits, plus it looks like hot buttered popcorn.

2-hour smile makeover, after

2 hour smile makeover by dental ninjas

Every client that comes in is unique. We combine a variety of different techniques and treatments to create a better smile for them.

Some of our patients come in and have been insecure with their teeth for years. Others are afraid. So they’re often taken back when the entire visit goes by without pain, and they have a great smile in only a couple hours. They wonder what they were waiting for and why they didn’t do it sooner.

We’re like like dental ninjas.