Diving for California spiny lobster

There’s a million reasons to love Encinitas and San Diego. Probably one of the biggest reasons is the ocean.

Many people don’t know that our own ocean is home to California spiny lobster.

Our own RDA, Rachelle, recently got her California Spiny Lobster license, so I put her in contact with our web site and marketing guru, Brian – who has been diving for lobster for many years. They went diving the next day!

Are dental X-rays necessary? Yes. Here's why.

Are dental X-rays necessary? Yes. Here’s why.

Many patients are concerned about X-rays. They want to know how many dental X-rays we take, and if X-rays are really necessary.

My own mother is concerned about x-ray exposure. She’s never had a cavity. Then one day she had tooth pain, and we only through X-ray technology did we find a giant abscess on a root – one that left untreated, may have developed into a very serious, life-threatening condition.