2Good2B Encinitas

2Good2B Encinitas

Last week I posted about GoodOnYa, and all organic, gluten-free cafe. This week I want to post about my other favorite gluten-free bakery in Encinitas, 2Good2B.

Located at 204 N. El Camino Real, 2Good2B is a full gourmet bakery, where “everything is delicious, without gluten, corn or soy”.

GoodOnYa, Encinitas

GoodOnYa Encinitas

As you probably know, I am a health-nut and a foodie. And when I find a place I like, I like to praise it.

GoodOnYa is an all organic, gluten-free cafe and juice bar located at 1051 S. Coast Hwy, near Hansen’s. You’ve probably seen the distinctive blue building.

Cal Pacific Orchid Farm, Encinitas

Cal Pacific Orchid Farm, Encinitas

I always like to highlight local Encinitas businesses I like, and today I want to put a spotlight on Cal Pacific Orchid Farm.

An orchid farm in Encinitas? It’s here, you’ve just probably never seen it. Located at 1122 Orpheus Ave in Leucadia. Orpheus is on the South side of (and runs parallel to) the 5 freeway.

Kathy is the owner, and she’s been here for over 15 years. She creates amazing custom designs for a number of clients – my office included.

Meet my chiropractor & craniosacral therapist

Last weekend I was out of town. I got a severe headache that progressed throughout Saturday, and from past experience, I knew my neck was out of alignment. By the end of the trip, my frontal headache increased to motion sickness, and actually caused me to vomit several times. I couldn’t sleep.

Meet the people locally that help me out when I experience these issues.