Are you allergic to certain metals?

This patient was allergic to the metal in her braces

Most people don’t realize that they have a metal allergy. They also don’t realize that standard braces contain nickel and the wires contain nickel titanium.

This patient had a severe inflammatory reaction to the braces from another dentist. She was probably told by the dentist that she wasn’t brushing enough around her brackets – when in fact it was due to an allergy.

Tera's Whey Goat Protein

Getting extra protein without soy, cow whey or egg

In need of extra protein? Don’t want one that is synthetic or allergenic?

Oh hey, this is my favorite brand of whey, I say!

As a breastfeeding momma, I have to increase my protein in order to have a healthy supply. The problem? I can’t have soy, cow whey, or egg protein, and I dislike the taste of pea protein.

Healthy skin – Reverse aging?

For those who don’t already know, your skin is your largest organ. Many skin care products contain gluten, petroleum, parabens and other chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful. All of which your skin rapidly adsorbs!

Pregnancy & health. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Author: Tom and Katrien, Flickr.

Health & pregnancy

Over the years, I have noticed some incredibly healthy mothers who are distraught by having toddlers with rampant tooth decay – even when they are given mostly breast milk and a well-rounded diet.

A correlation seems to suggest be that the mothers are unknowingly deficient in many minerals, which in turn may lead to deficiencies in their newborn/infant/toddler.

Many times, these children can develop softer enamel, which is much more decay prone.



I recently got to try the most amazing floss ever… coated in coconut oil to help increase dental health.

They have both strawberry and coconut flavors, amazing packaging, and the floss expands to get the maximum possible amount of plaque out.

Happify app

Slowing down to appreciate life in the new year

Typical of the start of a new year, most people focus on making changes for themselves in the upcoming year.

I too, am always focused on personal growth and self improvement. While I pride myself in being an overall very happy person, many times, I can be a bit of a workaholic, which can leave my life imbalanced.

Here are two apps I’ve found that help me slow down and appreciate life more.