Video: Pediatric lip ties & tongue ties

Video: Pediatric lip ties & tongue ties

Tongue ties occur when a piece of skin (called the frenulum) under a baby’s tongue restricts the movement of the tongue.  Lip ties are similar, but restrict proper movement of the upper lip.

It’s important to remedy these issues early, since babies can learn to swallow incorrectly, and develop other problems like heightened gag reflexes, and have a hard time managing eating certain types of foods – even mouth-breathing.

Just as you take your child to a pediatrician, a pediatric dentist specializes in proper development of teeth - from newborns through early adulthood.

The importance of a pediatric dentist for your child

A couple years ago, I posted a video of me singing “Brush Brush Brush” by the band of Montreal while cleaning a child’s teeth. The response to the video was great – and a bit overwhelming. Our office still receives many calls every day asking for me (Dr. Vane) specifically to be their child’s dentist.

This is a part of the reason I teamed up with Dr. Jenna Khoury. If you’re a parent, I recommend you choose Dr. Khoury for your child’s dentistry.

Let me tell you why.