Gluten inflammation and the effects on teeth

I recently found out that gluten causes major inflammation for me.

In my case, it effects my thyroid. In many others, the inflammation shows up in their tissues in the mouth.

I went through a series of tests, one of which was called the Cyrex test.

Here’s some of the ways gluten can effect the mouth and teeth.

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Why I love e.max

I am going to get geeky with this post. E.max is a material that is used to make crowns and veneers. The material is not only the strongest yet for back teeth, but also our most beautiful and enamel-like.

Mercury filling tooth fracture

Mercury filling fracture

This photo illustrates how a small mercury filling fracture can end up cracking your tooth. As a metal, mercury can expand and contract in different temperatures. This, along with other pressures (biting, grinding of teeth during sleep, etc) can stress the tooth such that hairline fractures can start to appear, and then can propagate through the root.