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Whole-Body Health

what is holistic dentistry?

While many dentists look only at the teeth, a holistic dentist considers the patient’s overall health and wellness when treating teeth.This means using materials that are safe for the body, removing toxic materials when they pose a risk, using superior diagnostic tools, and promising new science for even better decontamination.Who wouldn’t want that?Dr. Nicole Vane was one of the first dentists in Encinitas to embrace holistic dentistry, and continues to provide expert holistic care to her patients.

IV Nutrient therapy

Dr. Vane is proud to offer IV Nutrient Therapy! Replenish your body and bolster your immune system with nutrients like Vitamin C, Glutathione, and B Vitamins while you undergo treatment.

To help with pain, inflammation, and prolotherapy, Dr. Vane can also administer anti-inflammatory meds via IV or intramuscularly.

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Dr. Nicole Vane with dental patient

ozone therapy

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule (O3) that is used in many industries to disinfect water or surfaces. It has the power to kill bacteria, including those that cause tooth decay. 

Able to reach parts of the tooth that traditional instruments can’t, ozone gas is a quick, painless, and affordable alternative to traditional drilling and filling. It can also be used to desensitize teeth by stimulating a hardening of the enamel and effectively sealing off the sensitive nerve endings inside the tooth. It also stops bleeding after a tooth extraction or other procedure, and stimulates the regrowth of capillaries to aid in the healing process.


In the past, metal amalgam fillings, made from a combination of metals, including mercury, were the standard material for repairing damaged teeth. That’s no longer the case. 

While it was long believed that the amount of mercury within amalgam fillings was safe, prevailing research has shown that these fillings can actually release toxic vapors into your body. 

Dr. Vane has specialized training when it comes to safely removing mercury-based fillings and replacing them with beautiful, biocompatible materials that won’t leach harmful chemicals into your system.

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In some dental procedures, such as extractions, the materials commonly used to fill the space left behind by the missing tooth come from cadavers or cow bone.

Platelet-rich fibrin is mixed with biocompatible materials, such as calcium tri-phosphate, to enhance growth with your own bone-building cells. This "bone graft" serves as a scaffold for your bone.

Dr. Vane is also skilled at phlebotomy and will draw your blood in-house. She will then spin your blood to get the best results for your restoration!


Some materials traditionally considered to be the least reactive may actually be reactive to some patients' immune systems. This is known as dental toxicity. When the immune system is constantly working to remove foreign objects from the body, it’s not a good thing, because that dental work is not going anywhere.

The reality is that many dentists are not even aware that people may be having allergic reactions to materials they’ve been using in patients’ teeth for years.

That’s why, for all new dental work, Moonlight Beach Dental uses only high-quality materials that have been proven to be highly biocompatible.

However, if you are still concerned, or if you think that your body is reacting to materials that have already been put in your mouth by another dentist, the good news is that there is an easy, scientific method to find out for sure: a simple blood test.

This test uses an individual's blood (drawn at a local lab) and tests it for reactivity against fillings, dentures, orthodontics, crowns and bridges, root canals, implants, dental bonding agents, impression materials, porcelain, and ceramics.

Once evaluated, you receive a hard-copy bound syllabus with reactivity results for all dental materials. This is yours, and you can share it with any dentist you visit for the rest of your life.

holistic tooth removals & extractions

With advanced technology and innovative techniques, we’re proud to offer pain-free, holistic root canals and extractions that will maintain your health, and minimize your chances of developing an infection or complications as a result of your treatment. 

In the case of a root canal, we will begin by isolating the tooth with a rubber dam before sanitizing and desensitizing the area with ozone. We will then use a high-powered laser to enter the tooth and debride the root canals, again flushing with ozone to reach even the tiniest of canals. This cleans the interior of the tooth to a point near sterilization to drastically reduce your chances of reinfection.

Then, we’ll fill the tooth with biocompatible materials that are free from any of the heavy metals found in traditional fillings.

While the ultimate goal is to never remove a tooth, sometimes, it cannot be avoided. We can, however, minimize the risk of developing any complications after your tooth is removed. 

To accomplish this, we remove the periodontal ligament that is generally left behind after an extraction. We follow that up with ozone, which sanitizes the socket, stops bleeding, and promotes regrowth of any torn capillaries. We’ll finally pack the socket with PRF, (made from your own blood!) to further encourage healing.

Additionally, Dr. Vane is trained in phlebotomy and venipuncture and does the majority of all of her own blood draws, in order to get the best PRF results- the blood needs to be spun in the centrifuge within 60 seconds to get the most benefit.

To help with healing, Dr. Vane utilizes red light and laser therapy, as well as nutrient injections to help promote decreased pain and inflammation.

holistic bone grafts

If you need a bone graft to regrow bone when placing a dental implant or after a tooth extraction, it’s worth having a conversation with your dentist about your options.

Traditional bone grafts don’t typically have a high success rate, as they’re made from cow, cadaver or synthetic materials.

The alternative? PRF materials are made from your own blood – so they’re 100% compatible with you.

PRF can also be used in combination with an advanced synthetic / sticky bone when necessary.

The end goal is to give you bone strong enough to place an implant long-term.

Talk to your dentist so that you can have a dialogue about your options – not just a sheet of paper that says here’s what you have to do.

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meridian chart for self-analysis

Dr. Vane embraces the significance of the meridian chart, connecting your teeth to vital organ systems. Unlike traditional dentists who may dismiss it, Dr. Vane recognizes how root canals, dental materials, and hidden infections can disrupt energy flow, affecting not just your dental health but your overall well-being.

Discover the power of this concept and its impact on your health by watching Dr. Vane's quick, informative video.

myofunctional therapy

When tongue muscles are not properly developed, particularly in kids, it can cause a number of developmental issues that affect oral health, teeth, sleep, speech, swallowing, and more.

Myofunctional therapy has to do with exercises for the muscles that are used to chew and swallow. You can think of this as physical therapy or a personal trainer for the tongue.

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