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Thriving health starts with a healthy mouth. At Moonlight Beach Dental, we know that life gets busy, and sometimes the last thing we think about is taking care of our teeth. That’s why we recommend scheduling regular professional cleanings every six months; not only will it keep your teeth in great shape, it will greatly reduce dental bills that arise from neglecting your oral health.

Dr. Vane is a highly skilled dentist with years of experience treating oral health issues both big and small, and she can tell you that prevention, without fail, is always the best medicine.


Haven’t been to the dentist in Encinitas in a while? That’s okay too. We pair a compassionate approach with cutting-edge technology to make treatment as seamless as possible.

We have 2 skilled hygienists who utilize ultrasonic cleaning, advanced imaging, lasers, and ozone to kill bacteria and make the gums healthy. Our team utilizes advanced salivary testing to properly diagnose the 5 most detrimental oral pathogens that are linked to systemic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's, and cancer.  

All periodontal treatment plans are customized to the oral pathogens for each patient.

Salivary Testing

While it may sound strange, your saliva tells a story! For your peace of mind, we provide salivary testing to identify any diseases or bacterial infections that may be polluting your body.

Salivary testing tests for the 5 pathogens that are related to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.


There are many signs of wear on your teeth that can lead to the need for a night guard. Often, teeth grinding at night can be related to sleep issues as well. Heavy wear leads to the loss of enamel that can never be brought back without extensive dentistry. Dr. Vane is comprehensively trained in treating issues of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) using appliances, orthotics, or injections to eliminate pain, restore natural movement, and give you the restful sleep you deserve.

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Preventive Dentistry in encinitas

a HOLISTIC approach to TMJ treatment

Dr. Vane offers the latest holistic techniques to treat TMJ with Prolotherapy, Ozone therapy, and the use of the GENOVA laser to reduce and eliminate pain from teeth grinding.

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