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Mercury Filling Removal in Encinitas

mercury filling removal encinitas

What Is Mercury Filling Removal?

Amalgam fillings used to be the gold standard for filling decayed or damaged teeth. In modern dentistry, we now have much healthier and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives, but many patients are left with old amalgam fillings in their teeth which contain high amounts of mercury. 

Patients may want to remove these fillings for cosmetic or health reasons, but the problem is, removing these fillings takes an incredible amount of skill, precaution, and credentials to remove them properly. 

At Moonlight Beach Dental, we use a safe protocol to remove amalgam fillings without the dangerous release of mercury and replace them with tooth-colored biocompatible materials like Emax. Contact us at Moonlight Beach Dental today to schedule a consultation.

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How We Remove Mercury Responsibly & Safely

Mercury is toxic, which is why so many patients want it removed. However, dentists who drill away mercury can release millions of particles of toxic fumes that are then exposed to the patient and staff, putting their health at risk. 

First, Dr. Vane will examine your teeth to determine the condition and number of amalgam fillings. Then, she will place a rubber dam in your mouth to isolate the tooth and prevent you from swallowing mercury.

We remove the mercury with a unique suction system that filters out the vapor and removes mercury particles through side vents. After this, a special vacuum is used to prevent the patient or dentist from inhaling mercury through vapor in the air. 

We can also supply the patient with supplemental oxygen if necessary. Once the filling is removed, we will replace it with an Emax filling, which is an aesthetic and biocompatible material that bonds fractures to prevent tooth loss.

encinitas mercury filling removal


Our priority is to keep you informed, every step of the way. Here are a few questions that patients frequently ask.

Why Patients Want to Remove Mercury Fillings

Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cause many health problems, including damage to the brain and kidneys. Mercury exposure can also cause headaches, insomnia, nerve damage, and respiratory issues.

Patients may have concerns that mercury is being released from their fillings every time they chew. If your fillings become damaged, broken, or fall out, this is an even bigger problem. This can expose you to toxic levels of mercury or even lead to mercury poisoning.

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