IV Nutrient Therapy in Encinitas

IV Nutrient Therapy in Encinitas

IV Nutrient Therapy

Replenish & Thrive


At Moonlight Beach Dental, we offer services that other dental practices can’t match. Dr. Vane is proud to hold a certification in IV Therapy!

In addition to being able to fully sedate patients via IV for their comfort, we also offer anti-oxidant nutrient infusions to aid in detox during surgery and mercury removal. Dr. Vane can also deliver powerful anti-inflammatories to help reduce or prevent post-operative discomfort.

This means that you can get rich nutrients to replenish your body while fighting off disease and infection. Call your Encinitas dentist today.

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IV Nutrient Therapy enriches your body with a dose of Vitamin C, B12, and the most powerful antioxidant–Glutathione!

Not only can IV Nutrient Therapy refresh and restore your body with rich sustenance, but it can even help ward off diseases and infections.  Vitamin C is very useful, as is glutathione, in helping boost your body's defenses while removing mercury.

If you want to learn more about Vitamin C nutrient therapy, reach out to Dr. Vane.

Encinitas IV Nutrient Therapy
IV nutrient therapy Encinitas

Anti-Inflammatories in the IV

Inflammation can occur for a variety of reasons, but generally, if your overall health is suffering, whether it be from a poor diet or lack of sleep and exercise, one common bodily response is inflammation. IV Nutrient Therapy can help with this issue by providing sustenance directly to your body, decreasing inflammation, and restoring your energy!


Are you undergoing oral surgery or getting old mercury fillings removed? We provide IV nutrient therapy during your treatment to replenish your vitamins and restore your health. This helps your body recover faster and keeps diseases at bay.

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