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Night Guards

Relieve Your Pain

Pain from TMJ disorder? We are here to help! Grinding your teeth can require more frequent dental work and ultimately more expenses for you. That’s why Dr. Vane recommends night guards to protect your teeth and save you money later down the line.

Relieve Your Pain

Without visually seeing the damage done to your teeth due to teeth grinding, it’s hard to conceptualize it! After all, it mostly happens during sleep, and it’s hard to show someone the wear on their teeth over time.

Since we started taking digital impressions with the latest 3D modeling tech, we can visually show in-depth images of what is happening to your teeth and come up with a personalized plan to save your teeth from further damage.

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rest easier with night guards

How they Work

Each night guard is custom-made to seamlessly fit your teeth. Again, since we take digital impressions (3D scanning) to model it, it fits perfectly. Most patients are surprised at just how small dental night guards are! So if you are expecting a bulky, clunky, uncomfortable guard, don’t worry!

Another benefit of having such a small night guard is that people can wear it comfortably.  Those with gag reflexes typically have zero problems wearing these, as it fits over just the top front 8 teeth. That’s it. No bottom guard is necessary. If you are interested call you dentist in Encinitas, CA today.

Benefits of Night Guards


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