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Laser Airway Treatment

More Snoozing, Less Snoring

Dr. Vane is highly trained in laser dentistry, especially when it comes to innovative techniques for addressing airway issues.

Moonlight Beach Dental offers a laser solution called NightLase that can instantly open airways. This procedure is completely pain-free and has high success rates at lessening the effects of snoring and apnea.

This treatment is very effective on its own, but it can be even more effective when combined with a custom-fit nighttime SomnoDent device.

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Better Sleep & Snoring Elimination… From The Dentist
Better Sleep & Snoring Elimination… From The Dentist

Did you know Moonlight Beach Dental can help eliminate snoring issues – in a painless way?

Nightlase is a laser treatment of benefit to people that do not feel rested (even when wearing a CPAP machine), and it can even eliminate snoring.

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