moonlight beach savings plan

Introducing The Moonlight Beach Dental Savings Plan

Save Your Money

At Moonlight Beach Dental, we believe that quality dental care shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve created the Moonlight Beach Dental Savings Plan. This membership is a yearly treatment plan that saves you over $800 every year on dental services that you need to keep a beautiful, healthy smile. If you are interested in learning more about how you can save money and gain amazing benefits call us to learn more.

$480 per year

Adult Plan

2 Regular teeth cleanings
Unlimited x-rays, including a full set and/or 3D conebeam
2 Exams: comprehensive exam/limited exam/emergency exam/periodic exam
10% savings off treatment, excluding products and cosmetic lab fees

$360 per year

Child Under 15 Plan

Teeth cleaning (1 of 2):
Full mouth x-rays
CBCT 3D pano
Teeth cleaning (2 of 2):
1 set of bitewing x-rays
2 periapical x-rays
1 limited / emergency exam
Also includes any necessary periapical x-rays required to diagnose treatment
10% savings off additional dental procedures
A 10% savings on Invisalign

Frequently Asked Questions

Are specialists included in this plan?

Specialists are not included in this plan. In other words, no part of this plan can be applied to any specialty service or provider (such as oral surgery or endodontics).

Can I use dental insurance with the plan?

This savings plan cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance.

Are there any hidden or additional costs?

No! After paying the one-time fee you will receive the yearly benefits listed with no additional costs attached.

What if I miss my appointment?

48-hour notice is required for canceled or rescheduled appointments. 

Missed appointment fees are as follows:

  • A fee of $75 per hour will be charged for all missed hygiene appointments.
  • A fee of $100 per hour will be charged for missed doctor time.