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Mercury Test Kits

Pick it up. Take the test. Mail it away!

The Mercury Tri-Test is a take-home kit that tests for mercury in your blood, urine, and hair. Once you pick it up at Moonlight Beach Dental, you perform the test and mail it to the lab yourself.

Blood can be drawn at your local lab or the medical doctor’s office.


Steraligner is perfect for clear aligners, retainers, sports guards, night guards & sleep apnea dental devices.

  • Liquid solution sanitizes in just 3 minutes
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria
  • Neutralizes stains and odors for a spotless appliance with a refreshing after-taste

StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Rinse

StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Rinse is a natural, antimicrobial product that hydrates the oral cavity, promotes healthy gums, maintains oral health.

Perio-Protect Trays

These replenishing trays hold your teeth in minimally-invasive medication that seeps down into the gum killing away bacteria that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Tried and True Supplements

These holistic supplements are great ways to keep your health on track, without putting harmful substances into your body. These utilize natural ingredients that replenish and rejuvenate your teeth and body. Here are some reasons why Dr. Vane recommends them!

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  • Supports the body during the removal of dental fillings
  • Gut soothing
  • Antioxidant Rich
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  • Optimal nervous system support
  • Supports emotional balance and healthy stress response
  • Helps promote effective nutrition
  • Superior effectiveness and bioavailability
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  • 100 mg of Opitac Reduced Glutathione
  • Supports healthy aging, protection from damage
  • Helps strengthen energy levels
  • Phosphatidylcholine from purified sunflower seed lecithin and gluten-free.
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Ultra Dream

  • Infused with Mimetix
  • ECS-based sleep support
  • Deep, rejuvenating, restful sleep
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Ultra Edge

  • Infused with Mimetix
  • Proprietary nootropics
  • Cognition, energy, and more
  • Replace coffee, sodas, and energy drinks
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Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

This product is a Dietary Supplement and contains hemp extract derived from the stalks and stems of the mature industrial hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits, without having the psychoactive or “high” effect associated with this type of botanical.

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Vitamin C with R Lipoic Acid

Each 2 mL delivers 65mg of sodium, 500mg of Quali-C Vitamin C, and 25 mg of Sodium R-Lipoate. This product supports the action of vitamin C. and nourishes your cells as they deliver their core ingredients faster and more efficiently. This product is also gluten-free!

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IMD Intestinal Cleanse

Intestinal Cleanse offers advanced therapeutic detoxification, IMD attaches to methylmercury and other metals and escorts those harmful materials safely out of the body. Thus, it spares and protects the bloodstream, kidneys, and liver.

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