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Mercury Filling Removal: Safety & Fillings Instead Of Crowns

When removing mercury from a tooth, it's important to remove it safely.

What Gives Root Canals A Bad Rap

A lot of times root canals are done poorly.

Failed Root Canal Infection Case & Fix

How Titanium Implants Can Commonly Fail

Infection Hunter & Healer: Finding & Treating Hidden Infections

Dr. Nicole Vane of Moonlight Beach Dental in Encinitas talks about finding hidden infections causing health problems that have gone untreated, the joy of finally fixing these long standing problems, and why she feels she could be the "next Dr. Pimple Popper", but for teeth.

Zirconia Implant: Case Review on a Patient with Autoimmune Issues

Sleep Apnea & Snoring: Studies, Problems & Treatments

In this video, Dr. Nicole Vane talks about various sleep issues treatments and testing available at Moonlight Beach Dental in Encinitas.

A Better Way For Successful Bone Grafts in Dental Surgeries

In this video, Dr. Nicole Vane discusses how synthetic, biocompatible bone grafts can help grow new bone, and how the methods used for bone grafts at Moonlight Beach Dental typically result in a better result with faster healing.

Supplements for detox

Dr. Nicole Vane of Moonlight Beach Dental in Encinitas, California discusses some of her favorite supplements for detox.

A Smile Makeover In Progress

This video shows a smile makeover in progress., with the teeth before and the mockup.

Older gentleman 2

Let�s Talk About Triclosan In Your Toothpaste

In this video, Dr. Nicole Vane discusses triclosan � a common additive agent in many toothpastes and hand sanitizers.

New Alkaline / Hydrogen Water System at Moonlight Beach Dental

Biomimetic Dentistry

In this video, Dr. Vane talks about how biomimetic dentistry ties into the conservative, holistic approach at Moonlight Beach Dental in Encinitas.

Ozone Therapy

This video talks about many of the amazing things that ozone helps with in a dental setting.

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