Different Bone Grafting For Teeth

Different Bone Grafting For Teeth

What makes our bone grafting different at Moonlight Beach Dental?

Here’s why you might care:

Almost every dental office around uses materials sourced from a cadaver (or animal). One doctor I know calls it dead grandma and grandpa.

Knowing that, consider:

  • Is this what you want?
  • Does your dentist even discuss it with you?
  • Do you really want cow bone?

At Moonlight Beach Dental, we only use autograft (meaning tissue from you) or synthetic material only.

Most of the time, we draw your own blood and make PRF materials to serve as a matrix for our osteogenic/osteoinductive bone (calcium triphosphate) that helps regrow bone. Since it’s made from you, it’s also considered 100% holistic!


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