One Year Later: Conservative Smile Makeover

One Year Later: Conservative Smile Makeover

While it took a year to get him where he needed to be, this post features a VERY happy patient that received VERY conservative treatment.

This gentleman had extreme wear at a very young age.

He wanted longer teeth, but did not want aggressive removal of enamel. With his current collapsed bite, we didn’t have room to make the teeth longer without risk of the porcelain breaking.

The final challenge was that he didn’t want his teeth “shaved down”!

Here’s the plan we ended up undertaking:

  1. Invisalign to correct the bite
  2. Laser reshaping of the tissue
  3. No-prep veneers on the front 6 teeth
  4. No-prep composite bonding/veneers on 10 other teeth

Now his bite is balanced, he grinds a lot less, and he has a beautiful smile!

Here’s the “before”:

About halfway to the final result:

The top row of teeth have mostly been restored at this point.

And done!  That’s a beautiful smile!  I am awesome:

The final result shows a flawless smile

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