Details of the warranty

This warranty is conditional upon the following:
- The patient maintains an active recall or hygiene visits, not to exceed 6 months between cleanings.
- The patient maintains regular check up x-rays once a year, or as needed/recommended by the doctor.
- Most often, crowns are needed due to cracks or fractures in the tooth. Should a fracture under the crown require a root canal, the root canal will not be included under the warranty.
- However, if any damage occurs to the crown from the root canal, the crown will be replaced.
- When teeth have deep decay or a fracture, Dr. Vane may use an interim, medicate cement to soothe the tooth. The cement is not permanent. Should the crown fall off, call the office immediately. Loss of the crown (by putting it in a Ziploc bag, in your purse, or leaving it off for days, etc) will not be covered by the warranty. An additional lab fee may ensue.
- For veneers, should any breakage occur, they will be replaced, but changes in shape, length, or color will not be warrantied once the patient aesthetically approves them prior to cementation.

Warranty Information

Because we’re confident of the durability of our treatments we offer the following limited dental warranties. Failure to have your prescribed in-office professional cleanings, exams, and x-rays will void any and all warranties.Our practice is very proud of the dentistry we provide for you and your family. Our goal is not to simply correct any dental problems you have, but to help prevent dental disease in the future to save you time and expense. The long-term success of the treatment we provide depends on you! You should take care of your teeth and gums at home and visit our office for regular professional exams and preventative treatments. Your professionally diagnosed care and recommended treatment varies based on your individual condition. The primary key to your long-term success is spending a few minutes a day on your home care (brushing and flossing along with any prescribed products). The second key to success is regular professional examinations, cleanings, and x-rays (at 3, 4, or 6 month or other intervals depending on your condition). Help us to help you maintain your teeth for your life!

Two Year Warranty

Composite (tooth colored) fillings: If composite is our recommended re-treatment we will repair or replace a failed filling at no charge. If the tooth breaks or requires a crown or other treatment, we will credit the cost of the filling toward that treatment.


Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and porcelain veneers: We will replace or repair these at no charge if they chip, break, or come off with normal use.

Please note: These warranties don’t include accidents that could also break the normal healthy tooth, or decay resulting from oral hygiene issues. If a night guard is part of your treatment plan, it must be made in our office, worn nightly, and be brought to each visit to maintain a valid warranty. This warranty does not include items not mentioned above such as root canals, over the counter products including night guards, nor does it cover damage to teeth or dental restorations caused by accident, trauma, neglect, or improper use (i.e. biting non-food items such as ice, fingernails, pencils, or similar.)