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It feels good knowing that your dentist is truly looking out for your overall health. With enhanced safety measures, the best materials, the latest techniques, and a team that cares about more than just your teeth, we provide truly unparalleled service, right here in Encinitas. Find out what makes Moonlight Beach Dental stand out from the rest.

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A Healthy Smile


Your Safety Comes First

At Moonlight Beach Dental, we have safety measures to protect you that most dentists simply do not – because without your health, what do you have?

With stringent disinfection and cleaning protocols, our safety precaution standards are higher than most dental offices, and even some hospitals. 

Our office features multiple surgical-grade air filtration systems running around the clock. This air system actually removes viruses from the air, but it also removes particles including odors, allergens, gasses, mold, bioaerosols, and more.

In addition to our advanced filtration system, we also circulate ozonated air throughout the office at all times. Ozone oxidizes air and surfaces, killing bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful microbes.

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